WEPN is an award-winning Self Protection course that teaches the key skills and knowledge you need to recognize threats, take proactive action to minimize danger and, if necessary, take decisive, physical action to survive.

Designed for easy learning regardless of your skill or fitness level, we distill the wisdom of the world's top experts on violence, predatory behaviour and defensive tactics to give you a simple process to assess threats and respond effectively.

Our system is in a state of constant evolution in collaboration with Federal Law Enforcement Trainers, Security Experts and Crisis Management Consultants who deal with a variety of violence and aggression scenarios daily. All of our concepts are proven and repeatedly field-tested.

The creator of WEPN, Larry Camejo, is a former member of the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and Certified Conflict Coach and Mediator who holds Instructor Certifications in Tomiki Aikido and Akayama Ryu Jujutsu. Larry is also trained in the Aikido Control Tactics System (ACTS) by its creator, Rocky Izumi and has a track record of over 25 years teaching civilian Self-Protection, Defensive Tactics for Security Professionals and Corrections Officers and Managing Conflict and Aggressive Behaviour to Social Workers and Mental Health Crisis Responders.

We run a variety of training programs for Groups, Corporations, Schools and Community Organizations. Our past clients include Symcor, Safe City Mississauga, Girl Guides of Canada, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada, Worldvision Canada, Our Place Peel, Angela's Place Women's Shelter and many others.

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The WEPN name represents the core principles of our training:

  • Watch your environment
  • Escape / Evade / Engage
  • Prevent Escalation where possible
  • Neutralize the threat

These four elements cover the process of Threat Awareness, Analysis and Response at key leverage points during a conflict or violent encounter. You learn how to:

  • Develop a Violence Early Warning System
  • Avoid the legal pitfalls of self defence
  • Develop a survival mindset
  • Assess threats to personal safety in real time
  • Escalate force quickly and effectively
  • Manage your Fight or Flight response through Armoured Role Play

To maximize the learning experience, basic concepts and learning activities are delivered online, allowing us to dedicate in-person class time to physical, and mental training.

What are people saying about WEPN?

The City of Mississauga recognized our community impact by honouring us with the Hazel McCallion Hero Award for Crime Prevention. In partnership with Safe City Mississauga we taught the fundamentals of personal safety and threat survival to hundreds of Women, Marginalized Youth, Youth with Disabilities and Seniors across the Greater Toronto Area.

Here are some of the reviews we received from actual participants:


Click here to get a FREE Tactical Flashlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous training to join?

No. The system is designed to work effectively regardless of your knowledge level.


Do I need to be physically fit to join?

No. While there will be exercises that involve moderate physical activity, a high fitness level is not required. 


How should I prepare for the event?

Dress for easy movement. Be prepared for medium to high physical activity. Bring along the following:

  • A small towel
  • Water bottle


Do I get a certificate?