Our Approach

Our Approach

The Mu Shin Kan dojo was founded in 2008 to explore the integrated human mind and body through the practice of Aikido and Jujutsu. We study the physical, emotional and mental aspects of conflict and violence in a safe, structured environment.

By deeply studying conflict and violence, we develop the skills to predict aggression and take decisive action to peacefully control it where possible. In the rare situations where a peaceful resolution is not an option, we can safely escalate force and minimize the threat to our self and those in our care.

Why study with us?

Martial arts study is a form of deep self-discovery and personal development that reveals the hidden aspects of our being that only appear under extreme conditions or when we are fighting for survival. By exploring this part of ourself we develop a complete system for dealing with ANY life challenge. We develop the self-confidence, emotional resilience and mental strength to manage all stress and meet life on our terms while maintaining balance, poise and self-control.

Our Chief Instructor, Larry Camejo, has over 25 years of experience in martial arts, having black belts in Aikido and Jujutsu. He is a direct student of Fumiaki Shishida, 8th Dan Director and Shihan (Master Teacher) of the Japan Aikido Association.

Larry is an official representative of the Japan Aikido Association in the Americas and also holds the title of Shihan-Dai. He has successfully represented Canada in international competition and has developed multiple black belts and dojo across the Americas. Larry is also a Co-Founder and Director of Tomiki Aikido Canada.

Aiki-Randori International is a consortium of Aikido and Jujutsu practitioners across the globe who deeply study the application of Aiki principles to all life challenges and mastering the art of "seizing chaos (randori) through the coordination of energy (aiki)".

Larry is also a direct student of Mark Barlow, 8th Dan and Chief Instructor of Akayama Ryu Jujutsu. Developed from traditional Japanese Jujutsu systems, Akayama Ryu is a modern school of Jujutsu that is focused on self protection and combat applications. Developed by Alex Marshall in 1988 after over 60 years of study, Akayama Ryu has a solid history of practical effectiveness as evidenced by its Founder and senior instructors, most of whom are Law Enforcement, Military and Defensive Tactics Instructors.

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Our Story



The benefits of practicing Aikido and Jujutsu are many. On the personal level the practice develops powerful mental, emotional and physical fitness. Students develop above average co-ordination and an integrated sense of confidence, personal power and agility. This comes from the regular practice of coordinating physical, mental and emotional faculties to overcome training challenges to progress.

The aerobic and anaerobic benefits of free practice (randori) and weaponry tones the body on a muscular and cardiovascular level. Training, especially with weapons also serves to improve mental focus, decisiveness, explosive power and overall muscular and skeletal alignment.

As a result of these elements, training acts as a supplement to an individual’s training in practically any other activity that benefits from enhanced coordination and balance.

Self Protection

Aikido and Jujutsu provide a powerful combination of Self Protection skills. The ability to predict an attack develops from regular practice of reading subtle body language. By exploiting openings that disrupt an attacker’s balance and power structure, both Aikido and Jujutsu apply basic laws of Physics and Psychology to control aggression and escalate force when needed.

Attacks are intercepted and redirected into throws, joint locks and pins that immobilize the attacker.

Atemi, or striking of anatomical weak points are also used. Through the use of coordinated physical and mental power, it is possible to develop effective self-protection skills without needing to be very large or physically strong. This focus on coordinated power makes this art ideal for practice by everyone, regardless of age or gender.

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